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Being made redundant is something I have experienced first hand myself.I remember feeling a huge range of emotions at the time and found it hard to see beyond the chaos I had just been thrown into. It was tough. Tough on everything ,me, my marraige, my kids, my mood, my self image ... everything I took for granted was wiped away in a heartbeat.

I went through a roller coaster of emotions, dis-belief, shock, anger, depression and eventually re-orientation , acceptance and moving on. 

The good news is, I came through it, and so will you. I learned how to turn this chaos into order and create a new life for myself. I am going to teach you how to do the same

Course objectives:

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how their mind works
  • The impact of being made redundant and how to manage the emotions attached to it
  • Shift their mental mind-set from negative to positive
  • Feel confident making a Fresh Start

Outline of topics:

Module 1

Setting the scene:

  • How your mind works
  • The stages of accepting change and where you are at the moment
  • What to expect as you move through the stages
  • How thoughts work
  • What your emotions mean
  • How to manage your thoughts and emotions

Module 2

Building on your knowledge:

  • How to manage other peoples reactions to this news
  • How to not take it personally
  • How to adopt a solution orientated mind-set
  • How to move from negative thinking to positive thinking
  • How to ask yourself the correct questions to solve your problems

Module 3

Personal audits:

  • How to identify and break through your mental boundaries
  • How to be open and honest about how you feel
  • How to re-assess your priorities
  • You will do a personal audit on how you are coping right now and put an action plan in place to address the areas you are doing poorly in
  • You will take a personal SWOT analysis
  • Personal stress diary

Module 4

Moving forward:

  • How to get back into a decent sleeping pattern
  • The difference between fear and courage
  • The law of psychological attraction and the role it plays in you moving forward
  • How to manage emotional vampires
  • Role play and explore how others are feeling and managing at this time
  • Making plans for a Fresh Start

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Increased Clarity and Focus

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Lower Absenteeism

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Higher  productivity

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Increased Energy

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Happier at home and at work

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Richard is a personal performance specialist and Ireland’s leading specialist in personal and work related stress.

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